Dropship Program




1. Promote our products in your website/blog/facebook at your MARK UP price.

2. When you get orders from customers, check for stock availability in our website. Our stocks are live updates.

3. Once your customer comfirm the order, directly place an order at our website

4. Once your customer makes payment to you, you may proceed payment to us with the dropship price + postage.

5. We will send the items direct to your customers and put your name as a sender. Tracking Number will be given once packing is done


JOIN US BY Whatsapp (0105452833) once you registered at our website & attached your business page as a proof. We will switch you to RESELLER GROUP. YOU MAY START SELLING OUR PRODUCT AT ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE YOU WANT.



Join us as Reseller and you can take advantage of numerous benefits:

✔ FREE to join

✔ ZERO capital

✔ RISK FREE! No stocking up required

✔ EXTRA DISCOUNTS on selected items

✔ You decide on the selling price to your customers.

✔ We take care of the item packing and delivery

✔ NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY. We will deliver even if it is one item.

✔ YOU SELL, WE SHIP! - it's that simple!


How to join?

  1. Create an account (if you are new to our website) - www.tromee.com/register
  2. After sign up, please Whatsapp (0105452833) to approve your account with details below. We will approve your account after verify your submitted details as legimate seller.
  3. Download photos and START SELLING our products in any way you want.


Steps to place order

  1. Place order through our website for the item(s) you want to order.
  2. Checkout process >>> Just key in your customers details for the SHIPPING ADDRESS field and your own information for the BILLING ADDRESS.
  3. Make payment via online transfer/bank in to our bank account. Recipient reference key in your order ID.
  4. Contact us to inform payment >>> Whatsapp (0105452833)
  5. Once payment has been verified, we will ship your order(s) to your customer(s) within 24 hours (on business days Mon-Fri, 8:30am-6:30pm).
  6. Order(s) tracking will be emailed to your registered email address.


Reseller Privacy Protection 

✔ No information of our company will be included or disclosed to your customers.

✔ All parcels will be filled with resellers' and their customers information only.

✔ We promised that we will not contact your customers privately in any case of discrepancies.